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At Ofir Group Real Estate we offer a unique service not available at any other brokerage in town: a personal acclimation consultant

Myriam Baharav
Myriam Baharav

department store on the mall
department store on the mall

It's convenient but if you want better prices talk to Marian. She maintains relationships with many family-owned businesses which give discounts to our clients.

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new library

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Myriam Baharav
Myriam Baharav


meet Myriam Baharav




Making Aliyah can often times be overwhelming. Moving to a new country is in itself a huge task, packing up ones belongings, saying goodbye to family and friends, filing documents, choosing what to pack, where to live in Israel, and on top of all of that, often times not knowing Hebrew or the Israeli mentality, coupled with Israel's bureaucracy, can turn into a huge challenge.


But, there is hope – we offer a unique service no one else in Israel provides.


Myriam (Marian) Baharav was born and raised in Switzerland to an international family. Her Finish/Russian Mom and South American Dad met at the University of Cornel in the U.S. They travelled the globe and settled in Switzerland. She came to Israel at the age of 17 for the first time and knew this was her home and this was to be the place where she would raise her kids. After years of coming to Israel for work and visiting family, running her own security company in Switzerland, she made aliyah in 1996, relocating with her 2 kids and her Israeli husband, whom she had met in Switzerland years earlier, while working for the Israeli government. Raising her kids on a moshav, working in international trade for over a decade, attending to international client portfolios, all prepared her for the unique service she can provide today to new immigrants in Ashkelon. Myriam is fluent in English, German, Swiss German, Finish and Hebrew.


Being an Aliyah Shock Absorber means answering all the many questions a new immigrant will have, addressing the challenges, the emotional ups and downs one can experience, helping with and translating correspondencne with government officials, bank clerks and other bureaucrats.


A Private Aliyah Advisor can help by accompanying new immigrants to government offices, opening a bank account, buying appliances and furniture, showing where the shops are, and where the shuk/market is, making introductions to local vendors and businesses, including the English Speakers of Ashkelon (ESOA), as well as to other relevant organizations or people who will be helpful in helping you acclimate to your new life in Israel and not least of all, being a compassionate ear to the many challenges a new Oleh can face.


Real Estate: Myriam works closely with one specific brokerage firm in Ashkelon, Ofir Real Estate Group Ashkelon whose CEO is Ofir Mahlouf, a third generation Ashkelonite, along with the only North American Realtor in Ashkelon, Brian Grossman. 


Accompanying the English speaking clients through the rental procedures or purchase procedures of a new home is a unique service no other realtor company provides. Providing rental or purchase contracts in English, translated by professionals.


For further information contact Myriam at:


Mobile: +972 – (0)50-7 338 706



It has been a pleasure working with Marian. She is punctual, professional, and puts one at ease when doing business in Israel. Marian speaks several languages, is familiar with many cultures and understands the needs of people.  One can be confident when doing business with Marian, and Ofir CEO of El Haneches - Ofir Group.  They make you feel safe because they are true professionals who know the area, know their jobs and stick with you throughout!


David Feld


Marian has been a huge help in helping me find, buy, and manage my first property in Israel.  She and Ofir handled everything and made me feel like I was in the right hands at every step.  With Marian on your side Aliyah will be a piece of cake.


Shaun Ince


Marian, just want to thank you and Ofir for securing us a good tenant and making sure the apartment had all the things I was promised from the builder. It was very helpful of you in selecting nice shower and bath doors and cabinets for the bathroom at good prices.


Sincerely, Jeff and Diane Lowenthal

Myriam and Ofir welcomed me during my pilot trip in 2014, showing me a few apartments so I could gauge what my budget might buy. They steadfastly and with much patience worked with me when I arrived, going above and beyond trying to find what I wanted within my limited budget.  I value Myriam not only as a professional but as a friend.



Stevie Sacks


Myriam you were wonderful. I was a newbie to the Israel rental process, but you were straightforward and explained all the steps. I remember the day you took me to purchase a refrigerator and introduced me to the English speakers of Ashkelon. On move-in day you were right there by my side. Thank you for all your help!


Barbara Greenberg


It is with great pleasure that we write this recommendation for El Haneches – Ofir Group Company

Upon our arrival in Ashkelon Ofir and his English speaking assistant Myrian was very instrumental and helpful. They were available and helpful in escorting us to the various government offices in Ashkelon to ascertain services; taking the time out of their busy schedules to familiarize us with the city of Ashkelon. We highly recommend the services of El Haneches – Ofir Group to English speakers in order to help make their Aliyah a wonderful experience.


Tanya & Malakhi Yehuda


Dear Ofir Mahlouf,


We wanted to write and tell you how much the English Speakers of Ashkelon, ESOA, appreciate the efforts of your International Adviser, and "Shock Absorber", Marian Baharav.


Marian has been a great help to many English speaking Olim coming to make Ashkelon their home.  Her willingness to patiently answer all their questions, take them around our city, help them find government offices, and assist them at furniture and appliance stores has helped in making their move a bit easier.


Marian is a greatly needed asset to the city of Ashkelon especially with the influx of English speaking Olim being directed here by Nefesh B'Nefesh's “going south” program.


She has also continued, on her own time, to answer the many questions posted on ESOA’s Facebook page from those who are still trying to find their way around a new way of life here in Israel.


I hope you realize the great asset you have in Marian and appreciate all she does for the community.



ESOA Co-Chairs

Orli Avior and Doris Seaberg