Barnea Bet - East

Officially Barnea Bet is considered one neighborhood however the eastern section, sometimes referred to as Ramat HaKramim, deserves separate treatment.  Here we are talking about an area bounded on the west by Jerusalem Boulevard with Kadesh to the south and Tziyonut to the east.  This area is charaterized by a mix of apartment buildings and single-family housing.  The flats are of a size and quality similar to Mitzpeh Barea but with the added advantage of lower population density.  

The apartments line the streets of Ma'aleh HaGat, Derech HaYayin and Tirosh.  There is a large vacant space surrounded by Ma'aleh HaGat Street which is designated for retail-commercial development.  The space between Derech HaYayin and Tirosh consists of single-family housing.  The flats were all completed within the past ten years; construction of single family homes is ongoing.  This neighborhood represents a transition from Mitzpeh Barnea to the south, an area of high population density consisting entirely of apartments, to HaNasi Herzog to the north which has only single-family housing.  

Featured Property

Four bedroom, two full bath luxury flat on Ma'aleh HaGat; fifth floor of nine storey building, 129 square meter interior plus 14 meter balcony; central air conditioning; dedicated parking space;  NIS 1.58 million

Featured Property

Four bedroom, two full bath luxury flat on HaBustan, seventh floor of ten storey building; 134 square meter interior plus 15 meter balcony; 2 x parking spaces including one covered; separate storage unit; NIS1.57 million

Featured Property

This unit on Ma'aleh HaGat was constructed as a four-bedroom flat and the owners have eliminated one bedroom for an expanded salon/dining area.  Central air, "mamad" safe room, parking, balcony, large storage closet, upgraded kitchen

NIS 1,700,000                                           +972 54 235 2665


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