Barnea Bet and Gimmel

This is the newest, most exclusive neigborhood in Ashkelon.  It is bounded by Jerusalem Boulevard to the east, Arye Tager Street to the north, Kadesh Boulevard to the south and the Mediterranean Sea to the west.  This area is bisected by Rehavam Ze'evi Street.  The neigborhood to the south of Rehavam Ze'evi Street is Barnea Bet, the neigborhood to the north is Barnea Gimmel.  


The area's two most attractive features are proximity to the sea and low population density.  

These neigborhoods consist entirely of single-family homes ("villas" in Israeli real estate terminology) on six hundred square meter lots save a line of low-rise apartment buildings along Rehavam Ze'evi Street and the western edge of Jerusalem Boulevard.  These apartment units are some of the most desireable in the city.  The sea shore is an eight-minute liesurely stroll from a flat on Jerusalem Boulevard without the need to cross any major traffic arteries.  As of this writing (January 2016) a four-room flat in one of these "older" buildings (completed circa 2007) goes for about NIS 1.4 million.  The newer flats along the northern side of Ze'evi Street run about ten percent more.  A five room unit in one of these newer flats (completed 2012) would cost you about NIS 1.6 million. 


Vacant lots for construction are selling for roughly NIS 2 million and completed villas are fetching about four million, though prices will vary significantly depending upon proximity to the beach. 


Area residents enjoy the convenience of a neighborhood shopping center featuring a grocery store, hardware store, children's clothing store, pet supply store, toy store, health club, ice cream parlor, and four Glatt Kosher eateries:  sushi/noodles, Italian bistro (dairy), steak/burger plus the obligatory schwarma joint.  The beachside boardwalk ("tayelet") extends from the roundabout at Tager Street all the way to the marina and is illuminated by street lights.  


Public transportation is available on bus line number five which stops on Jerusalem Boulevard and serves all major shopping centers, government offices, the shuk/migdal area and central bus station.

Featured Property

Spacious luxury flat on Rehavam Ze'evi Street; easy walk to shopping center with supermarket and restaurants; five minutes on foot to the beach; 120 square meter interior plus balcony with sea view; three bedrooms; oversize salon/dining area; upgraded kitchen; central air; parking; "mamad" safe room; first-class living in Ashkelon's finest neighborhood

NIS 1,700,000

Featured Property

This magnificent 240 square meter two-storey home is built on a 620 meter lot ideally located a casual five-minute stroll to the beach and the neighborhood shopping center, featuring a supermarket and kosher restaurants.  


Six bedrooms four full bath.


Construction completed four years ago. The upstairs bedrooms open onto a spacious balcony with a lovely view of the Mediterranean and the finely manicured yard is surrounded by a privacy fence.


Offered at NIS 4.5 million                                           +972 54 235 2665


from North America:  (804) 767-1297                           skype:  brian.grossman85


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