HaNasi Herzog

The HaNasi Herzog neighborhood is currently the north-eastern limit of development in Ashkelon.  It consists of single-family homes only ("villas").  There are no apartment buildings or commercial spaces.  


The newest areas of high-end development in Ashkelon consist of four neighborhoods to the north and east of "Old" Barnea which was built out in the 1980s and 1990s.  To the east is Mitzpe Barnea which consists entirely of medium and high-rise residential buildings offering four and five-room flats, including penthouses and garden apartments.  

The area to the north of "Old" Barnea and Mitzpe Barnea is referred to as Barnea Bet, though it's eastern and western portions merit separate treatment.  Barnea Bet (east) is a mix of apartment buildings and single-family homes ("villas" or "cottages").  The apartments are comparable to what is offered in Mitzpe Barnea, with the added advantage of lower population density.  


The portion of Barnea Bet to the west of Jerusalem Boulevard should be considered in tandem with Barnea Gimmel, as these two areas are virtually indistinguishable.  They consist almost entirely of villas.  Both offer large lot sizes (average 600 square meters) at close proximity to the sea.  The Herzog neighborhood is located just north of Barnea Bet (east) and just east of Barnea Gimmel.  The lot sizes are slightly smaller, averaging 500 square meters, and they are not as close to the sea as the lots in Barnea Gimmel and Barnea Bet (west).  As a consequence they are more affordable.  


Both of the "villa-only" neighborhoods, that is Barnea Bet (west) and Gimmel to the west of Jerusalem Boulevard and HaNasi Herzog to its east, are still in fairly early stages of development.  There are many vacant lots and many homes under construction.  The shopping center on Rehavam Ze'evi was almost empty save the Six Pack health club at the end of 2014. It is now bustling with business and a safe bet it'll be fully rented by the end of 2016.  One of the major differences between Barnea Gimmel and Herzog is the capacity for future expansion.  There are still ongoing government land tenders along the periphery of Herzog.  In contrast, the prime, virgin, untouched, raw, highly-desirable beachfront property to the north of Arye Teger Street in Barnea Gimmel remains under state ownership.  It is unclear when this land will be offered for sale in public tenders.  Once the land tenders in Herzog are sold out, that's it for available property in this area for some time to come.  Now is the time to buy.

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Fully detached private house, 150 sq. meter interior on 570 sq. meter lot, two bedrooms, two full bath, one year old in new neighborhood, central air, spacious yard, open-plan interior, hot tub, sea view



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