Technically a part of the old Barnea neighborhood, the area surrounding Montefiore Boulevard merits separate treatment.  This area features a large number of older, well-maintained buildings in an excellent location.  


If you are an Anglo oleh on a budget this is definitely an area worthy of consideration.  It is located between Afridar and Barnea, two of the most desirable neighborhoods in the city.  A small commercial cluster on Montefiore Boulevard features a post office, bakery and small grocery store.  It is within easy walking distance of the Central Barnea Synagogue, one of Ashkelon's two Orthodox Ashkenazi shuls and the Davidy Shopping Center.  

Prices for units in this area fluctuate mostly in the NIS 800 to 900 thousand range.  Across the roundabout to the west is a large cluster of high-rise residential buildings.  The southern side of Montefiore Boulevard is lined with mostly four-storey walk-ups.  The area north of Montefiore Boulevard near the Matnas Barnea Community Center has a large concentration of low-rise residential units.  Collectively, these areas constitute the largest concentration of residential flats in between two neighborhoods overwhelmingly characterized by single-family dwellings ("villas" or "cottages" in Israeli realtor-speak).  


Montefiore Boulevard and nearby Sderot Yerushalayim provide convenient access to all major bus lines with frequent service.                                           +972 54 235 2665


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