The City

There is a very popular neighborhood somewhat confusingly (for Anglos) called Ashkelon City or simply The City.  When pronounced in Hebrew the word "city" is not translated; local residents will say they live in "ha-siti" or simply "siti".  


The neigborhood is bounded by Ben Gurion Boulevard, Avraham Stern, Beit El and Tayassim.  Its defining landmark is the large water fountain on the roundabout at Ben Gurion and Tayassim.  

The City is very conveniently located.  It's a ten minute walk to the beach and, in the opposite direction, a ten minute walk to the central bus station.  The ground floor of the apartment buildings lining Ben Gurion Boulevard consists entirely of retail space and includes several  banks, restaruants, convenience stores and a full-size branch of a major supermarket chain, all accessible without having to cross a street.  This neighborhood  is ideal for those who do not have a vehicle.  Barzilai Hospital and Ashkelon National Park are nearby just on the opposite side of Ben Gurion Boulevard.                                           +972 54 235 2665


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